Thursday, March 24, 2011

my busiest week

this week was the longest week ive ever felt during my spell at micet. we have a lot of assignments and getting prepared for the mini project's presentation tomorrow plus lab reports that needed to be submitted before the week end.

its quite hard for me to update the blog due to this narrow time we have even though i have plenty on mind to write in this blog. on top of that i dont have internet connection at my house. right now my housemate and me are trying to get the best of our hours at McD ayer keroh. we are waiting for the breakfast special that comes with special offer before the end of this month. But it is not good for our health if we take fast food too often because it can cause fattiness.

Early this morning we have a presentation for our mini project. so far 80% are completed as an evident of good leadership and teamwork. the slide is done and we are waiting anxiously for our turn to come. i just cant wait to be ready for jumaat prayer because at that time all the burdens are lifted from our head just for awhile for some breather.

everyone are busy updating their blog because tomorrow our respective technical communication lecturers are going to check our posts. tomorrow is also the last day for us to share our stories in the blog because after that we are not needed to update the blog no more. im quite sad because this is my first blog and FYI i feel even more sad because i cant use my tab button to make the paragraph. i also cant upload picture in my post and that has ripped my heart.

so see u again in another time if we have the opportunity to keep in touch in this virtual world.astalavista baby!

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